Building Expertise, Delivering Results

“Tony is a leader who is not afraid to take on a challenge.  His ability to connect problems with meaningful solutions is a result of his quick and actionable decisions.  When it comes to finding the right answer, his business intuition can make all the difference.”

  1. -Nick Lagunowich, Team Leader,

  2. -US Marketing, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals



Sales Force Effectiveness

  1. Office-Based & Institutional Selling

  2. Managed Care Access and Pull-Through

  3. New Product Launch Authority

  4. Divide and Conquer Goal Attainment

  5. Sales Force Inception and Deployment

  6. Market Assessment & Business Planning

  7. Incentive Planning & Compensation

Customer Relationship Management

  1. Customer Value Creation

  2. Physical & Mental Access Strategies

  3. Optimal Targeting, Reach & Frequency

  4. Advocacy & Advisory Board Management

  5. Medical Education Facilitation

Consulting - Design - Facilitation

“There are those who think it’s noble to

“go through the wall” in order to achieve their goals.  If only we could show them the door.” 

                                                - Tony Buglione

Intended results occur when an individual or organization has a sound business plan, a clear vision of the desired outcome,  and a belief that it is achievable. 

Superior results occur when there is a sense of purpose; when everyone believes the outcome is for the greater good, understands their value, and is proud to be part of the cause.

THE PROBLEM:  How does an individual or organization deliver superior results?


We understand sales effectiveness from the ground up.  Extensive field experience provides in-depth understanding of customer needs, value creation and access preservation.  Leadership experience ensures that great marketing plans meld with flawless implementation to deliver results. 

FIND THE DOOR:  There are a number of challenges facing the industry: heightened competition, dwindling access and regulatory scrutiny among others.  We have strategies to address these challenges within full compliance and our advocacy expertise can enhance your value proposition.

NEWPHARMA SOLUTIONS has extensive experience in new product launches.  The first 100 days is critical to success and we can evaluate optimal reach and frequency objectives to maximize launch results and preserve market share for the rest of the portfolio.

Small to mid-size health care organizations, training and development companies and professional firms will benefit from our extensive expertise.  We can help you determine the best use of available resources, understand ethical industry practices and enhance overall effectiveness.

  1. Sustained results require a keen understanding of evolving client needs.  The value proposition is a critical measure of client access.