“Tony is a trifecta of superior selling skills, results oriented leadership, and outstanding facilitation skills.  I am continually impressed with his knowledge and his practical approach to our business.  He is a powerful addition to any training and development project.”

  1. -Kevin Brown, Chief Learning Officer

  KB & Associates, LLC - Leadership Consultants


Expertise is apparent when desired results are achieved.

Expertise is formidable when the results are consistent.  This requires an evolving blend of effective selling (whatever your profession), product and market knowledge, credibility, and a keen awareness of the competitive environment. 


Expert Training and Facilitation

  1. Customized Selling Solutions

  2. Product & Disease State Mastery

  3. Competitive Selling Strategies

  4. Program & Train the Trainer Facilitation

  5. Course Design and Content Advisors

  6. Masterful Meeting Design

  7. Motivational Speaking

Talent Assessment & Management

  1. Recruitment & Retention Strategies

  2. Performance Management Programs

  3. Talent Management Solutions

  4. Career Development Programs

  5. Leadership Development Consulting

THE PROBLEM:  How does an individual or organization build formidable expertise?

Consulting - Design - Facilitation

“The most pronounced trait of true winners is that they worry less about surpassing others than they do about surpassing themselves.”

                                    - Tony Buglione


NEWPHARMA SOLUTIONS offers over 25 years of clinical, commercial and educational experience in the pharmaceutical and health care industries.  Our proven ability to instill and enhance competence and confidence can profoundly affect results as well as customers’ perceptions. 

SURPASS YOUR EXPECTATIONS:  We can assess the needs and goals or an organization or endeavor and propose paths to a successful outcome.  Our practical and cost-effective solutions can build off existing training and talent management platforms for consistency and optimal results. 

NEWPHARMA SOLUTIONS can also deliver programs to maximize the value of the content as well as its retention and implementation.  We also provide train the trainer sessions to engrain a process of self-sustaining development within an organization.

Training and development companies benefit from exceptional and inspiring facilitation.  Program content is presented in a way that engages audiences and commands attention.  Extensive clinical and commercial experience enhances credibility, client value and adheres to the highest professional standards.

  1. Organizational expertise also requires a talent management program to ensure the best people join, stay with and develop within the organization.


Climbing the Career Ladder